Joining Perth Squash Club

We are a busy and friendly club and welcome all members, new or old, young or less so. As a member, you can participate in as many or as few of the club's activities as you wish.

These include:

Subscription offers

The general rate is £30 per annum. However, there are various concessionary rates to consider:

JUNIORS (not yet 19 years of age on 1st August) £ 5
STUDENTS (under 25 and remaining in full-time education) £15
FAMILY (two parents plus their children, who are Juniors) £40
(with an option for one parent plus children) £30
COUNTRY MEMBER (resident more than 20 miles from Bell's £25

(Those playing for the club's teams in the Crieff & District and/or Dundee & District Leagues have previously paid a higher subscription. This no longer applies, because team players pay a match fee each time they play, which allows for the additional costs.)

To make life as easy as possible, we offer different ways to pay, including online, by bank transfer or by debit/credit card. More details are given on the subscription renewal notice each year. Subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st August. Renew now

Subscriptions are now due for 2021/2022. Click here for details of how to pay. In the event of any query, please contact the Treasurer, Stuart Hunter.