Mini-leagues are run throughout the season, from September, and the organiser of the Mini-leagues is:

Alex Jameson

August, 2021: Mini leagues will now restart as soon as possible... please let Alex know asap that you would like to be included.

The Mini-Leagues are open to any club member regardless of standard. In fact it is a good forum for all players to meet and play other club members in a mini-league where everyone is of roughly the same standard. By playing different people, everyone's game tends to improve.

It is the responsibility of the individual club member to register with the Mini-League Organiser if they want to play in the Mini-leagues. You can do this by either contacting Alex directly, or put your name on the sheets that are available on the noticeboards in Bells.

Good luck in the mini-leagues and enjoy your squash!

Current/recent details are given here:

February/March, 2020

January, 2020

November/December, 2019

October, 2019