Perth Squash Club - new committee

After nearly thirty years of service to the club, Neil Kean and Colin McNeill have stepped down, as of May, 2019.

The new committee is:

Subscription offers

The general rate has been unaltered for quite some time and this is to increase to £30. However, although this compares very favourably with other similar clubs, there will be various concessionary rates to consider:

JUNIORS (not yet 19 years of age on 1st August) £ 5
STUDENTS (under 25 and remaining in full-time education) £15
FAMILY (two parents plus their children, who are Juniors) £40
(with an option for one parent plus children) £30
COUNTRY MEMBER (resident more than 20 miles from Bell's £25

Also, those playing for the club's teams in the Crieff & District and/or Dundee & District Leagues currently pay a higher subscription of £35. This additional £10 is being dispensed with, firstly because it acts as a disincentive to play for a team only occasionally and secondly because team players pay a match fee each time they play, which allows for the additional costs.

To make life as easy as possible, we'll be offering different ways to pay, including online, by bank transfer or by debit/credit card.


Club night

Club nights are continuing through the summer on a Thursday evening, from 7pm to 8:20pm. Please come along when you can! For anyone who does not know, it's a friendly and informal mix-in. Now, we also have the added benefit of the availability of Club Coach, Allan Currie (on most Thursdays), to provide coaching tips and help with training routines, free of charge.

There is now no need to pay the regular squash fee (£4.40, or £3.40 with a 'Live Active' card) at reception. A lower fee of £3 will be payable to the club's representative behind the courts. The club has booked the courts for your benefit, so please come along and join in when you can.

Also, repeating the comments in the e-mail, remember that this is often the first way in for new members, so you can point anyone you know who is interested in squash towards it. Non-members are welcome to turn up for their first week – free of charge – to try it out and meet some of our members. Thursdays, from 7pm

*** No Club Night on 11th July *** more details


Coaching & training

As mentioned under the Club Nights item, Club Coach, Allan Currie, will be available on most Thursdays through the summer, to provide coaching and help with training routines. In addition, though, he will be be providing some sessions - for Juniors and also for adults - at Nortel (The Red House Hotel, Coupar Angus). At these sessions, Allan will also be providing his time free of charge. The only cost to members will be a small contribution towards the cost of the court bookings.

Further details will follow shortly. Meanwhile, do let Allan (or any committee member) know if you would like to register your interest in these sessions.

Of course, Allan Currie, Kyle Dudding and other coaches are also available for private tuition, for a fee.



We will again be holding the regular Club Championships and the Handicap Tournament (and Plate competition), but there will also be others to look forward to.

As soon as the full programme for 2019/20 has been finalised, it will be announced, so that you can get the key dates into your diary! Meanwhile, if you would like to put in a particular request, please let any member of the committee know.



Apart from being regular squash and good fun, playing in the Mini-Leagues is one of the best ways to improve your game! Meeting different opponents and learning how to read and counteract their particular styles is a key facet of improvement in the game.

The Mini-League pages on the club website have been updated (as has the rest of the website). Click here for more.


Team squash

Teams representing the club play in both the Crieff & District and the Dundee & District Leagues. Matches are played both at home and away throughout the season, which is roughly October to March. Match fees are payable by all players, but there will no longer be the additional annual subscription fee, which used to apply.

If you are interested in some home-and-away team squash, speak to a committee member or any of the team captains, whose names are on the website.

Once the dates of the team matches for 2019/20 are determined, they will be posted on the website and on the noticeboard. If you are not playing for a team, it is always good to book a game earlier in the evening of a team match and then watch some of the team action after your own game.


Social events

We are proposing to have more social events in the coming year and would welcome input and suggestions.

As with the Tournaments, the programme for the year will be published, when finalised. Meanwhile, do take the chance to put in any request or suggestion which you may have.


(Text of e-mail from Hugh Alexander - 25/05/2019)


Following on from Neil Kean’s e-mail of 2nd May, I wanted to introduce you to your new committee and comment on some of the ideas we have to take the club forward.

Hopefully, most of you will know most of us, so please don’t hesitate to collar one of us to make any comments or suggestions you may have.

We are:

  • Hugh Alexander, Chairman
  • Julia Horsburgh, Secretary
  • Stuart Hunter, Treasurer
  • Allan Currie, Club Coach
  • Alex Jameson, Mini-Leagues Organiser

I’m not sure if most people realise it, but Neil Kean and Colin McNeill have been running the club since its inauguration, 28 years ago! I think, after nearly 30 years’ service, they are well entitled to step down. To recognise their huge contribution, we have asked them to stay on, as Honorary Members of the club.

Now, you may not actually be a member of the club, but we are deliberately pitching this e-mail quite widely, to ‘interested parties’ and we hope that some former members etc. will at least be interested and perhaps decide to join once more. We are aware that not everyone who appears to be a member currently has actually paid a subscription to the club for the current year. Unless anyone – realising the omission – wishes to volunteer a payment, however, we are declaring an amnesty for the remainder of the year.*

Subscriptions fall due on 1st August and – in 2019/20 – only paid-up members will enjoy members’ benefits. And we are working hard to maintain and enhance those benefits. CLICK HERE for more details of: Subscription Offers | Club Nights | Tournaments | Coaching | Mini-Leagues | Team Matches | Social Events… and more

The club’s website has been updated and the Facebook page is being changed at present so that club members will be able to add comments, post items of interest etc, like a normal FB page.

Club Nights – more details are available by clicking the link above, but please note that Club Nights will be continuing through the summer months, with the added benefit of some free coaching! Club Coach, Allan Currie will be on hand on most Thursdays providing coaching tips and help with training routines for our club members. Please do come along and try out the new arrangements whenever you can. Full details on the link.

Also, remember that this is often the first way in for new members, so you can point anyone you know who is interested in squash towards it. Non-members are welcome to turn up for their first week – free of charge – to try it out and meet some of our members.

If you have any query or suggestion, please contact me or any of my committee colleagues. Enjoy your squash!


Hugh Alexander
Perth Squash Club
07802 885449
Find us on Facebook

* Actually, anyone paying a subscription early – any time from now – will be enrolled right through to 1st August, 2020.

Note: If, as a non-member, you wish to be removed from this contact list, please click here.