Coronavirus - Covid-19

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August, 2021: Thankfully, we can now play squash again! For the moment, it will still be a requirement to wear a mask inside, when not engaged in sporting activities (or showering etc!)
Please remember basic hygiene and precautions as we begin to get back to normal.

Earlier updates:

Things moved on from the notes below and we have been in lock-down and then tiered restrictions. In an effort to protect your sanity during this time, we offered the chance to click here for some ideas.

Now, at 26th December 2020, the whole Scottish mainland is subject to Tier 4 restrictions for the time being and a return to squash (except for under-12s or with members of your own household, when we come out of Tier 4 again) still seems quite a distant prospect.

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In view of this position, as a Committee, we had put a temporary freeze on club subscriptions, until things improve, but it MAY BE that we shall have to ask for subscriptions to be paid somewhat in advance of this, in order to deal with the expediture necessary to maintain the club, even in virtual lock-down.
If this is so, we'll be in touch with members.

Obviously things are developing rapidly and the GOV.UK website, TV news or various health websites will be able to give useful updates. From our point of view at present (17/03/2020), please note:

  1. Many sporting events and other large gatherings are being closed down. The local squash competitions (Dundee & District League and Crieff & District League) have now been concluded for this season, with remaining matches being halved.
  2. For now, we have reluctantly decided to cease the Monday Club Night and not to arrange a new set of Mini Leagues.
  3. Update 18/03/2020: All Live Active venues (including Bell's) now closed, probably until after the Easter holidays.
    Bell's (Live Active) stress that it is business as usual for now and mention the various additional hygiene precautions being taken.
  4. Anyone choosing to play squash there (or elsewhere) should follow the normal precautions regarding careful hand-washing, preferably taking your own water bottle etc.
  5. Update 18/03/2020: For the Club Championships and Handicap Tournament, all deadlines are suspended and the default position is that we'll arrange to conclude the tournaments later in the year, when things have hopefully settled down. Details TBA when we know more.
    Whether the final stages of the Club Championships and Handicap Tournaments are concluded at this time or much later in the year will be left to the discretion and consensus of the few players who are through to those final stages.
  6. The most important part of the attempt to reduce the spread of the virus is to isolate yourself if you believe you have any symptoms.
  7. Those over 70 and certain others have recently been asked to self-isolate for their own safety.

Let's hope this thing has the minimum negative effect and we can all get back to normal soon - but please do take precautions and try to keep everyone healthy meanwhile.