Coronavirus - Covid-19

While we are in lock-down and no squash (and almost nothing else) is possible, here are a few ideas to try to keep you sane(?) For updated puzzles, click here

  1. Can you locate the names of 40 squash players in this grid?
  2. Pit your wits against this cryptic crossword.
  3. Keep fit! It may be better than Joe Wicks or the Green Goddess or whatever - recommended by M. Gregory Gaultier - check it out!
  4. Check out one of the many matches available on YouTube
  5. Here's another squash option for our present times. (Note: For me, this works on the phone, but not on the laptop, where it says it needs a new app, but can't find it!)
  6. If you like puzzles, but prefer sudoku, killer sudoku, jigsaw sudoku etc, click here.

First person to send me a correct crossword solution gets a prize of a squash ball and two sheets of toilet paper. (You can put the squash ball on the mantlepiece and admire it until we're allowed to play again - and do what you like with the rest of the prize... but remember it's likely that it will be some time before it can be redeemed!) :-)